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Kateking plays traditional folklore music of the Persian Gulf, from the city of
Bandar Abbas (previously called Jarun, Gamru  or Gombroon) a  city in southern Iran, capital of Hormozgan province. The Kateking band is based in  Sweden.

The music of Bandar Abbas  and Hormozgan province is an amalgam of the traditions of Persians, Arabs, African and Indian, who met centuries ago at this cultural crossroads in the south of Iran on the edge of the Persian Gulf.
This diversity is the result of an astonishing richness of traditions, where the music plays a vital part in all the aspects of the life, religion, work, social events, dramas and fears.

Kateking band is very flexible and have several different acts to offer, from mini-performances with just a few artists involved to large stage performances with eight members participating. 

    Mini performances with three artists who play keyboard, dohol, kasser (percussion) and dance.

   Middle stage performance with Ghambar Rastgoo, singer and master of djofti and three artists who play dohol, kasser pipah/peepah (percussion) and dance.

   Large stage performances with Ali Habibzadeh a legendry singer and eight members who play high rhythmic music with oud / barbat, djofti, kasser, dohol and pipah/peepah (percussion) and dance.

   Kateking band can arranged ZAR ceremonies, a traditional healing ceremony native to Bandar Abbas as well as other countries in the region, including, Middle East, Somalia, Ethiopia, Egept.













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